Little Bird Perspective is a Brisbane based Professional media production house specialising in videography and aerial cinematography. Our belief in the words Engage, Inspire, Conquer has rapidly built a strong client base from Brisbane up to Cairns and internationally with Dubai and Kuwait. Together our team will build on your idea and create a marketing concept to gain sales or a stronger social media presence. 

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promotional & commercial videographer

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corporate videos

Festivals and events can be high paced, which is where our team stands out. We can provide multiple videographers to ensure not one moment is missed and the energy of the event is captured to a high standard.

Having a video at the same high standards as your corporate business is essential in maintaining your companies image. We tailor videos for multiple platforms so they can be shared on your website, social media and LinkedIn.

branded content

Branded content is where our team really thrives. Our ability to think outside the box while still maintaining your brief is second to none. Together we build on your ideas to create engaging content that best represents the products on hand.


Interviews need professional lighting, audio and a high quality camera. Our team strives to provide all 3 of these aspects while working with a tight timeframe. You can concentrate on the questions you are asking your subject without needing to worry about the video side of things. One of our team members stay on set during the entire process to ensure everything runs smoothly from a technical stand point.

real estate

With our ability to cover both on the ground and in the air our video can represent the property at it's highest standard possible. Whether it's a house going to market, or a property going up on AirBnb we cater for all aspects of property videography.

social media content

Video on social media has proven to be more engaging when the viewer is scrolling through their feed. We build on your idea and create a successful social media marketing campaign. Different social media platforms require different aspect ratios, for example Instagram reels are vertical however Facebook is landscape. We export your video in multiple aspect ratios depending on which platforms you're wanting to use.

tv commercials

TV commercials can be a daunting process however our team ensures the smoothest possible experience. From professional voice overs to moving logos and seeking CAD approval (TV Rating), we can handle every aspect and build on your ideas to create a TV commercial campaign that you're proud of.

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